Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Day 73 Okamino and Beyond
Ever wonder how a restaurant gets such a high rating in Trip Advisor and all evidence seems to point to the contrary? Makes me think there are great ghost writers out there plumping up the reputation of some establishments. I'm not saying the food wasn't good, just that it didn't meet up with the hype. Email me if you want to know the name of such restaurant in Kelowna where we ate last night.

All the more reason after that meal to hike up Knox this morning and man, was there ever some activity there today:

Joggers big and little - no time to get a name.

Backpackers - huffing and puffing too much to stop.

Bikers - whizzing by.

Stopped and smelled the air.
 Fog drifted in and out of the high ground.

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