Thursday, 26 February 2015

Day 88 Okamino and Beyond

I know that 88 is a very good number for the Chinese and that we once had an  88 Oldsmobile, but Wikipedia has a way of making me understand that I don't know very much.

"Eighty-Eight is a refactorable number, a primitive semiperfect number and an untouchable number. It is also an hexadecagonal number.Since it is possible to find sequences of 88 consecutive integers such that each inner member shares a factor with either the first or the last member, 88 is an Erdős–Woods number." 

Meet Harvey and his Lab Border Collie mix dog Cokey. Now that just begged the question, "Like Coca Cola?". Harvey responded that he and his wife purchased the dog from someone in the parking lot of a mall.  Harvey had to go get money from the cash machine as a cheque was not going to be accepted. Harvey and his wife said they felt like they'd made a drug deal and so the name stuck. Cokey. Inspired. Happy trails both of you.

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