Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 83 Okamino and Beyond
Dragged my sorry butt up the hill, wheezing only slightly from my cold. Ah, but what a day to do that! All of us here out West reveling in unusual and beautiful weather while our brethren out East succumb to deep freezes. I remember. I lived it too.  The following article explains the why's of this "weird" weather.

This is an excerpt:
"Rather than circling in a relatively straight path, the jet stream has meandered more in north-south waves. In the west, it’s been bulging northward, arguably since December 2013 – a pattern dubbed the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” by meteorologists. In the east, we’ve seen its southern-dipping counterpart, which I call the “Terribly Tenacious Trough.” 

Sorry to depress some, but for smiles and giggles, you can't beat dogs which are getting cuter and cuter. This pair belonged together, the smaller one named Waldo and I'm so sorry, to have forgotten the larger one's name, but you'd take him home in a minute.
My husband took this near classic photo.

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