Friday, 13 February 2015

Day 74 Okamino and Beyond
Taking my daughter's lead, I dusted off my hybrid bike (half road/half mountain) and headed out for a ride down Glenmore to the Greenway, down to Lakeshore and back home leisurely on Abbott and along the lake. Got a bit thirsty and stopped at the downtown Starbucks. Couldn't keep my eyes off of this very dapper man wearing a very expensive new age blazer, skinny pants and pointy shoes. Only a small bum can do that.
Whatever was on his phone must have been crucially important as the guy behind him waited a long time to get around him. 
Kept an eye out for my old/new bike as I hadn't brought my lock. People are sitting out with the unseasonably warm weather.
 A cut up tube of white acrylic paint - being frugal and all.

In honour of Canada's celebrating the 50th anniversary of our present flag, this was my father's entry into a contest for the design. We flew it at our flagpole until the new one was announced, and then we flew it underneath it.

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