Sunday, 19 April 2015

Okamino and Beyond
Friday, April 17th. It's a rare weekday when my constant companion Don, to use a phrase that fellow hiker J.P.Squires uses with his partner Carmen, is able to  come and play in the woods with me.
The ArrowLeaf Balsam Roots are at their most delicious and the hills are yellow with them on the WRT hike.

This is half way up the White Rock Tree hike where for years I brought white rocks to rest after the original tree had been mowed down by the development which sits at the top of the hike. There is still evidence of our task, but most have migrated back down to my garden. (picture to be posted later)

What a sight through the trees to the valley down below.

I know some people lament young people. I think it's something that happens to a sector of the population who resent getting old. This generation complains that all young people do is play with their electronic devices.  Well, I can tell you that it is unlikely that old people have made this charming little tepee which popped up a day ago. You just want to go in and curl up.

Rob takes good care of his dog Charlie by taking him up the hill three to four times a week. I think both benefit.

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