Monday, 20 April 2015

Okamino and Beyond

My nephew is doing this thing where you write down things you are grateful for and then places them in a jar that you decorate yourself. He's hooked on doing it. If I had me a jar like that, my bike ride today would make it.  
At the EECO Centre a nutritionist, a videographer from Shaw and two participants in a program to get people active and eat properly. (Kind of sounds like the start of a joke). This will be shown on the Shaw Community Channel...whatever that is.

Huge Cottonwood trees fell or were taken down this spring along the Greenway.  Looks like the eye of on an open mouthed Sperm Whale.

This looks so genteel and hypnotic. You may not hear it, but the rider warns me that he may break my camera, not because he's upset, but because of his looks. He looked fine to me.

Mission Creek as it almost enters the lake. All the rage is gone out of it now.

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