Thursday, 16 April 2015

 Okamino and Beyond
Headed out for a bike ride on the usual route, to the Mission Greenway and got distracted by all this colour in someone's garden on Springfield Road. 

Hard to know how to dress, the temperature starting a 1C this morning and by noon, the reading on the shed's thermometer is at 19C.

This is a first on the blog, a video taken with my iphone. It reminded me of what I'd heard many years ago that the three sounds that are universally pleasant to mankind are the sound of leaves rustling, birds chirping and water sounds. 

I'm sure someone could bastardize all of these to make them stressful, but doesn't sound great to hear waves curling up on the shore?

Hope this doesn't irritate more than it pleases. This is the Mission Creek from the bridge at the EECO Centre. It is not a big file so probably won't go full screen very well. Time for that new improved, high mega pixel camera I've been promising myself.

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