Thursday, 20 November 2014

Day 20 - Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let me introduce you to Bob, our son's dog. He's a gem. Bob is my dogie alter ego. He loves the woods, loves going for hikes, loves running, loves swimming, has the same hair colour. About the only thing Bob can't do it ride a bike.

If you were hiking in Spain, I bet you might have a glass of wine or two on the trail. I've been planning a wine tour walk, probably from Penticton along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail towards Naramata. I will have to allow for more time if I'm to stop in a few wineries to do some sampling.
In the spirit of honouring Okanagan wineries, today I started my hike on Okanagan Centre Road West, making my way past yet another new development and along the water, back up Camp Road and eventually onto Okanagan Centre Road East.  This brought me past Gray Monk and Nihilo Wineries but there was no imbibing today as I had a schedule to keep.

It's a balmy 0 degrees C, but overcast as it does in the winter. Looking south with yet another development.

The road cuts hard right and left through this canyon going down to OK Centre.

A vineyard planted along the lake. Too bad the sun wasn't shining, but the leaves' coppery colour is quite attractive.

These Okanagan Centre houses near the lake say small town so well. 

Why are these wires hanging so low to the ground?  The hydro crews were asleep when these went up.

Along the road, looking like little round pieces of plastic.

You honestly never know what you'll see next. 

They were more curious than anything else. Didn't even bark.

Great way to get maximum gas mileage. NOT!

I see a trend in the things I see today, or at least that I notice.

This was a giant tree. It was obviously taken down professionally, or, our friend Blake did it.

This photo exemplifies what the area looks like: houses scattered along country roads, orchards and farms.

Looks like a scar on the landscape, but building materials have to come from somewhere. Perhaps the rehabilitation will be a Butchart Garden style transformation. One can hope.

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