Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Day 25 - Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It was a HeArt Fit day both in the morning with painting and in the afternoon with finding art along my route. I had not prepared a hike, thinking I would let it be a random choice as I left the Rotary Centre for the Arts. 

Warning: Boring Details of the Route Below
It turned out to be a very long walk along Ellis across the highway, weaving my way to Gordon and back to Pandosy. The bridge is still out at the Mission Creek, so I ended up on Gordon Road all the way to DeHart.  Turned left there to Swamp Road back to Casarso, back to Gordon, found my way to Ethel, Bernard and home, about 18.5 km. 

My skinny long feet were tuckered and I couldn't have gone dancing last night if the prince himself had been willing.

Faith and Karen admiring the communal art project to be given to Tara,a  mutual HeArt Fit friend.

A beautifully gnarly tree, impressive in its size, good for a pencil sketch.

Art is everywhere!

If not beautiful, artfully colourful sign at the international Hostel on Lakeshore.

Further down the road on Lakeshore is this homage to wilderness. Didn't have the nerve to photograph the backyard which was equally adorned.

Astounded to find this fence further down Lakeshore.  I'm starting to see the pattern of the day.

Art is sometimes defined by the way we use materials in an innovative way. Love this clever way to hold the house number and the river rocks in contrast.

It is a gray day, with valley cloud hiding the top of Blue Grouse Mountain in the far left.

There was just something about the confidence and ease these two showed with their boards. Makes me hopeful for the future generation.

Darkness is falling earlier and earlier in this 30 day experiment and the realization is that I will have to hike mostly in the morning.

Bernard avenue looking festive all of a sudden - a little sad too because it is so empty of the summer tourist throngs.

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