Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day 22 - Saturday, November 22, 2014

The weatherman is a bit off, but we're happy for this beautifully sunny morning. Hovering around 0 Celcius, yesterday's clouds are gone.  It's Saturday, so Don is excited about doing a hike and chooses where to go. After pouring over the maps, we agree to drive and park our car at or near the Scenic Canyon Regional Park to eventually hook onto the Greenway.  We'll walk to KLO road and take a bus back up to Gallagher's if the timing works out.

From the top of the hill you can see intriguing Layer Cake Mountain. Don't take my word for it. You should see it yourself.

"Layer Cake Hill, sometimes called Layer Cake Mountain, is a volcanic land form composed primarily of Dacite [day-site], volcanic rock with a high silica content. It shows unique layering that has not been seen anywhere else. 

Although the layers of Layer Cake Hill look like a series of lava flows (volcanic rock), each layer representing a separate flow, modern science has proven this wrong. Scientists now believe that the layering occurred in possibly only one thick volcanic flow due to a peculiar way the rock shrinks as it cools. This type of layered structure has been compared to a similar formation in New Zealand where scientists have thoroughly studied it. Still, Layer Cake Hill is unique in the world!"  from Wikimapia

Layer Cake Mountain across the Mission Creek

Layer Cake Mountain in the background. The trail is well marked and maintained.  Near the Creek, we heard what sounded like thunder, but what must have been a rock falling. It was an incredible noise.

Across the Mission creek, sunlight highlights these eroding banks. 

Many years ago before this set of steps was installed, we dragged our bikes up this steep slope and then coasted all the way down to the pub at McCullogh station.  There is always a reward.

The frozen banks of the Mission Creek from one of the foot bridges.

This is my darling photo of the day. You could almost imagine a Disney sequence here.

Luckily, we were in time for the bus which took us close enough to our car.  I've come to realize that Kelowna is a bunch of farms trying to disguise itself as a city with the highway's strip of commerce, somewhat reminiscent of Canada's population clustered around the 49th parallel. More than likely, it is where I've chosen to walk and my preferences. 

Again, the farmer in me. They looked so healthy!

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