Friday, 15 May 2015

Okamino and Beyond
Friday, May 15th, 2015
Mission Creek and the Greenway with my constant companion on our bikes. 

We listen to the CBC when we bike, with only one earpiece, you can still hear traffic and other important signals.

What a treat to go to GioBeans during the week. These smart primary coloured umbrellas are new.

I contend that the most organized and smartly dressed landfill site in the world is Kelowna's. I hadn't been for some time and was pleasantly surprised to see this lovely building which houses the Glenmore Landfill Administration.  Now if they could only do something for the poor guy who looks after the recycling end of it. We talked to this young Aussie for a few minutes. He sits in his truck out of the sun as much as possible and doesn't have running water. There is a porta potty for the other end though. He's lonely I'm sure, so go do some recycling at the Glenmore landfill and say hello to him.

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