Sunday, 3 May 2015

Okamino and Beyond
Spion Kop , according to the hiking map is a Dutch term for "look out hill". I have a friend in Toronto who can verify this - Carla? The system of trails is between Okanagan Lake and Oyama Lake, and once at the top, provides great views of the valley. Thanks to Walk Around Lake Country people or WALC for their efforts in that regard. Happiness #1, that there are folk out there advocating and working towards these trails.
 Nearly at the top are beautiful examples of columnar basalt. Happiness #2 is that I had never seen any of these in Ontario, the rocks being too old. Geologists out there, is this true?
 Another splendid view of the columns as you get near the summit.

Okanagan Lake behind us and to the far left, Little White still showing snow. Happiness #3 is that I forgot my radio and couldn't listen to the CBC, but we did talk up a storm and I realized that when I'm old and feeble and can't hike up these hills, this blog will be a record of sorts to look at.  Maybe that won't make me happy then, but I'd like to think so now.

Welcome to the Okanagan, Claire, who is the newly appointed Head Coach for the Women's Basketball Team at UBC Okanagan. Good luck with the team and happy hiking with your parents in June.

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