Thursday, 7 May 2015

Okamino and Beyond
Wednesday, May 6th
Deer Knoll hike today and that continued progression of plants on the forest floor is Happiness #1.  Haven't identified this yet.

Dilworth mountain in the distance and the Kelowna Golf and Country Club at its base . From this vantage point, you can't see all the development. Photographs sometimes lie. Is that something to be happy about?

Another unidentified flowering plant on the forest floor. It is so small. Glad I didn't miss it. Happiness #3 for the day.

Thursday - WRT hike 
Though we had frost last night and I didn't cover my tomatoes and other plants, I think they may have survived. Pheufff, Happiness #1. 
Look at how intricate the design is on these dandelion heads.

It has been really windy in Kelowna and a number of trees have fallen along my hike. I've heard trees falling when I'm in the woods, and it is hair raising. Happiness #2 is that I wasn't around for these to fall.

Reminds me that our son saved a boy from a falling tree once. Happiness #3 is that recollection.

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