Sunday, 10 May 2015

Okamino and Beyond
Not exactly wilderness flowers, but these were along our bike route for Saturday, May 9th. Peonies are red carpet flowers, showing off and then dying spectacularly with their petals falling off in great big heaps. Happiness #1 is the appreciation for the different types of lives for flowers.

Every year when I see these pink dogwood trees I vow to get one for our yard and then promptly forget to do it.Happiness #2 is that I am human, and do forget.

Newly repainted Ogopogo head that kids climb onto at the City Park.

They say a measure of the state of civilization is by the number of public toilets available. By this account, Kelowna is doing pretty well. This is the attractive side of the new facilities in City Park. Happiness #3 is that this was available when needed. 

Sunday - Bike ride
Mill Creek again.  The early impressionist painters come to mind when I look down the creek. They must have had similar circumstances, living in the urban environment of Paris and looking for those places that were not human built.

We had lived in Kelowna nearly 10 years before we stumbled onto this wetland park along the lake called Maude Roxby. It is in an unexpected place. If you get to Kelowna, you should try to find it. Happiness #1 for Sunday is remembering the day we found it.

Happiness #2 is realizing that living in Kelowna is full of surprises, like seeing Candace riding in a bike in a bikini downtown. Don't know why, but its fun to guess. Happiness #3 is the same as #2. Surprise me!

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