Sunday, 17 May 2015

Okamino and Beyond
It's an urban hike over the hills to downtown today, necessitated by the rain which hasn't stopped all night and all morning.  The ducks are almost able to swim in the tennis court, but are having no difficulty on the submerged pathways. No one here is objecting, as it hasn't really rained here, well, last fall. 

This is someone's front lawn along the way.  They aren't needlessly poisoning their soil. This is a nod to my brother who feels bad that he has dandelions invading his lawn. 
 Water is the element of the day, a unique backdrop to your house numbers.
I'm going to sound cranky on this one. I know they've been doing this for a long time, but just because its been done, doesn't mean it needs to keep getting done. We had to dodge the Dodge just to get off the mountain.
 Applause!! This is the new Queensway bus station downtown, a wavy compilation of wood and steel. We tested the functionality; good garbage bins, good places to be out of the weather, unimpeded views, but the benches are a might uncomfortable. Was that intended? You never know these days with people hanging around that they might even lie down. Wouldn't want that would we?

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