Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Day 44 Okamino and Beyond

Tuesday is heArt Fit and Karen's instructions regarding an intention were to paint a dialogue of  what fill your heart with gratitude. Karen's emails are suggestions only. Some of us run ahead, or behind and do stuff that was suggested weeks ago, only understanding now. Well, that is my situation a lot. 

My gratitude:
I am reading "Us Conductors" the 2014 Giller Prize winner (Spoiler Alert) and I'm grateful that the protagonist is no longer suffering in the Gulag though I suspect there is more suffering to come. It is about Russia after all.

We  were a big group today with lots of activity and discussion.

Renata looking pensively at the works we've accomplished in a few hours. Keith's green one-eyed woman struck me as a reflection of his own struggles with vision problems but it is more than that. 

The corner of the house on Lot 41 from the top of the WRT hike looking south.

Pocket photo too good to ignore.

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