Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 61 Okamino and Beyond
Where has the first month of 2015 gone? As humans, we suffer from the phenomenon of time, in which as a young child a day is a very long time and as you grow older, feels like a shorter and shorter period of time. Did I completely confuse you?
A skiff of snow on the grasses on Knox this morning.
 Two more dogs, Jack Russells, Dozer and Tala from Magic Estates who walk their owner into the ground, at least 10 km every day and ready for more. They were really enjoying being petted.
 This is Molly Carroll who the owner says has her own Facebook page (I checked, it's true) and is in 2 movies. Looking sultry in the back seat.
Yikes this photo is so overexposed, but wanted to share a good photo of the master latte maker at Giobeans and it isn't Don.

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