Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day 62 Okamino and Beyond
Before you start thinking this is either a terrorist's dream undershirt or a policeman's bulletproof vest, this is the Xtreme Monkey commercial weight vest. You may wonder why I'm bothering with this, but our son Marc bought one a few days ago to get a better workout when taking his dog Bob out for his daily stroll. He won't be strolling but grunting when he's added the full 55 pounds!  Each slot holds about 3 pounds and you can start small and work up. In flatland Ottawa, this is a great idea. 

Well, imagine my surprise when we bumped into Superman, I mean, Peter on the  WRT hike today.  We started talking about hiking and getting exercise, something I do with nearly all the people I've talked to recently. He offered that he's been wearing a weight for a few years. I asked to see it, of course.

Might be a good idea to get a lighter version for myself.
 Peter also has a rescue dog named Zach, a name I'm fond of because that was Don's nickname for a while in high school. Why did we need to rename ourselves so much back then?
This whole truck was covered with this realistic image of trees. Amazing. 

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