Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day 56 Okamino and Beyond
Shadows mean it is sunny in the woods and the gorgeous interplay of textures here is enough to make you swoon.  It warmed up to 7C this afternoon making for a hot climb in clothes we normally have on in colder weather. 
I don't think he trusts me with a camera. We are both listening to CBC Radio and the Sunday Edition. We used to chat incessantly and still do, but this is an opportunity to learn about the world together. "This is That" does the trick for giggling.
This is Kevin in the first wagon I've seen this year. I know we are going to get colder weather, but I swear the trees down the street seem to be budding.

It has been icy on the hiking trail in these parts because of the thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze cycle we're into.  These handy add-ons to your shoes or boots are called Ice Trekkers and will give you purchase on even the worst surfaces.  As opposed to another brand that usually falls off and gets lost on the trail, these babies firmly grip your soles and stay on. There are other brands which may be cheaper but stay away from them. Other brands also break more often.

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