Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 55 Okamino and Beyond

It was Friday night Book Club with the wonderful women with whom I've been discussing books since 1998.  Last night was hotsted by Barb who has been the unofficial organizer since we started has a list of all those books, one a month excepting July and August for all those years.  This is an art installment she put together of miniature books she's made herself. I wish to have more time to study this enchanting work.

Barb's husband George Sanders showed off his Championship Belt for the Ringside World Championship masters featherweight boxing title which he won last summer. The belt is 16 pounds or roughly 12% or his weight. Congratulations for all the hard work George.

Mutual northern and southern Book Club member Kathy, wine maker extraordinaire took a shine to my painting of Penticton's sandstone bluffs and took it home. I'm very happy it found a nice home.

 This is a young black Standard Poodle with a beautiful disposition by the name of Stella we met on our hike in Wilden.

All this warm weather is not helping with the outdoor hockey rink.

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