Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day 51 Okamino and Beyond
Some days have more colour in them as today did. At heArt Fit the group participated in doing a series of cooperative progressive paintings where a canvas meandered from each one of us to the other.  

Vreni stated  her collage with cut outs of roads from maps. She added paint. Is she saying something about the roads we find/get lost in/have fun in/take?
 The pieces  to the lefton the easels  are the cooperative ones. Lots of different markings and colour. Keith with the Hawaiian shirt was the fearless leader in this liberating exercise.
There was a lot of energy in this room today.
Renata is zeroing in on smaller elements of each painting, finding gems. An art director at heart and play.
 After lunch there was still time for a walk up Knox in the sun, but unbelievably, there was fog on top. Introduced myself to Veronica who I've seen hiking here many, many times. 
Blue sky and fog. Only in BC.
 I think he said his name was Dale. That's gotta be hard work going up no matter how cool those tires look.

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