Thursday, 15 January 2015

Day 46 Okamino and Beyond
Its enough to make a grown girl cry. Opened up the kiln and the bottom shelf was full of mugs for an order. It has been a while since I've used this particular glaze and in combination with another ran off onto the shelf, leaving a sharp, ugly mess and unusable mugs.  Ugggg!!! Yet another pottery lesson learned. My daughter says I should make something for the garden. Maybe targets for sharpshooting i

The WRT hike is a little easier today since the big snowstorm with a few extra people walking my trail and packing it down, along with overnight freezing hardening the surface nicely. A few minutes of sunshine hit our house before I left, but this is what it looked like at the beginning of the trail.  Kinda matches my pottery mess mood.
But the day ain't over yet. Here's Harvey to give you a fresh perspective on life. Owner Mick lives where I hike all the time and we had a nice chat about all the missing trees.

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