Friday, 19 December 2014

Day 18 - Okamino and Beyond

Beyond Kelowna today, to Penticton for my constant companion's office party.  It was a day of celebration, a new hike, lunch with an old friend at a new restaurant and the party itself. Woohoo!
Chose to walk the Kettle Valley Railway Trail from Penticton to wherever it would take me in 1 1/2 hours and back. From all accounts, it looks like I walked about 15 kms on a flat, well maintained trail.  Don't hesitate about coming to Penticton to do this trail. I will be back in the spring to go further and stop at some wineries. 

Had a strong wind at my back on the way.  What you say, wind in Penticton? Can't be.

My winery friends will know the name of this style of vine training and pruning. Haven't seen it near Kelowna. Then again, maybe I haven't looked closely enough.

Shirley and I introduced ourselves at the trail head and walked together with her beautiful standard poodle. We had a great chat about all many of things but the take away was to "not wait" to do the things you really want to. Good advice on any level Shirley. Thank you. 

Maybe we'll meet up again on the trail. 

A trestle spanning a deep ravine leading to the lake.

Now this is worthy of some paint. Maybe a watercolour.

There were three young women, five dogs, two babies in strollers and one in the oven out for a walk when the Weimaraner had to be attended to for cactus on its face, body and feet. The ladies keep pliers with them for that very reason. They worked fast like the doctors in a war zone.

The trail takes you along the tops of the cliffs which are under the "Penticton" sign that you see from the highway across the lake. I always wondered how I would get there. 

The strangely calming and eerie look of southern grassland coming back to Penticton in the distance. 

Stayed overnight at the Penticton Lakeside Resort (Convention Centre and Casino). It fairly popped Christmas in there.

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