Saturday, 20 December 2014

Day 19 - Okamino and Beyond

'Twas the night before and the spouses of the guys who work at HNZ Topflight in Penticton were toasting the season. There are times when I don't wear hiking clothes.

At the Starbucks in Penticton I made Wiz's acquaintance. He's well known for his troubadour (ing)  across Canada. He even knew where Blind River (Ontario) was. Wiz is a renaissance man, writing, doing film, television and music.  Peace man.

Back at the Lakeside Resort, the pigeons were a bit skittish about me getting closer to the patio door and took off. 

Someone left these adorable mittens at the top of Knox, our hike for the day. 

Getting close to the shortest day of the year, it is almost dark by 4:00.

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