Monday, 29 December 2014

Day 29 - Okamino and Beyond

A fierce northern wind and patchy blue skies means the temperature is dropping and you will get an ice cream headache if you don't wear a hat, like I did. Followed the roads from our house to Clifton Road to the new path/park back to Paul's Tomb and then downtown. Brought my GPS and once I figured out how to upload the trail on a map, will do so.

It had snowed a couple of days ago and this was too much like shaving/whipped cream to pass up.

Blue skies to the north.

Waves hitting the shore sounding like the ocean.

Fighting the wind to keep the scarf around my head and neck. New mittens from The Bay are lined with fleece, though I could do without the GO and red maple leaf stitching in the palms.

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